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A small-shop biz, for you.

Focusing on the non-profit, start-up, mom & pop, and DIY folks of today.

Ability Breakdown:



Friendly Rates & Adjustable Turn-Around Times

Every project is different. Every situation is kinetic. one.too adjusts and moves with you.

What is one.too? one.too is a single-person design, development, and production biz. 15+ years of professional experience, at your service.

How does one.too handle projects? Through a streamlined, transparent process:
Collaboration Research Production Retrospective



one.too Collaboration

Every project begins with collaboration. I learn about you and your company's vision, collectively define the project, set up a timeframe, and determine metrics for success.

Throughout the project you’ll always know exactly where things stand and where they’re headed.
Great partnerships result in great work. Your participation from start to finish is crucial. I rely on your expertise and feedback throughout the process to understand your business and your challenges.


one.too Research

You can’t find the best outcome to a problem unless you explore all possible options. I immerse mself in your industry; learning through observation, interviews, and analysis.

Communication and Content Audit
What do you need to say? How should you be saying it?
Competitive Analysis
Who is your competition and what are their strengths/weaknesses? How can you stand out?


one.too Production

Every project presents its own goals, audience, and opportunities. My approach to projects begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected. Regular check-ins keep things rolling. When the project ends, our relationship sure doesn’t. I’ll be available for support, drinks, or to discuss your next big idea.

Never fear a roadblock. I anticipate and avoid obstacles by working smart at the onset and onward.


one.too Retrospective

The end is just the beginning. This is a long-term journey and I'm never finished supporting your goals.

Continuous iteration. A project is never truly done, I gather results early and often, then move it in the right direction.






Traditional and digital.

2D / traditional (hand-drawn) character, effect, and background design and animation. Logo IDs. Intros, outros, titles, splashes, bumps, and plugs.

But not limited to:
Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animatics, in-betweening/clean-up, voice-over, sound fx/audio, foley-work, compositing, titling, visual fx/green-screening, and mild 3D rendering.

Flash animation & interactivity.



Logo ID Splash

Client: one.too (self) | Details:Motion graphic ID, adhering to branding standards. | Role: Conceive, composit, and export. | Output: Cablecast and web.

Start-Up Proposal

Client: WOW! (Start-Up) | Details: 2D limited animation coinciding with a pre-recorded soundtrack. | Role: Brand, character, and layout design, composit, and export. | Output: Presentational video and web.

Promo Video

Client: penna.gram Sktbrds | Details: Filter and layer frames from video footage to appear animated (pixilation). | Role: Videography, composit, export. | Output: World Wide Web / social platforms.



Discovery, pre, prod, post, and distribution.

PSAs. Music videos. Skits/shorts. Skateboarding.

But not limited to:
Scriptwriting, storyboarding, cinematography, logging, editing, screen-time ∧ voice-over talent, training/eLearning videos, sound fx, audio mixing, foley-work, color correction, titling, motion fx, green-screening, and directing (sans ego).

DVD design/duplication, web conversion, social media marketing, and TV standardizing for cablecast.

Analog to digital video conversion (VHS, Hi-8, D8). Have another format with its player? No problem.



Non-Profit PSA

Client: SoS Philadelphia | Details: PSA detailing a non-profit's initiative. | Role: Conceive, videography, audio, edit, composit, and export. | Output: Web and Phillies jumbotron.


Client: Version City Records | Details: Travel with and document a band tour and produce an episodic mini-series. | Role: Brand design, videography, audio, edit, composit, and export. | Output: World Wide Web / social platforms.

Music Video

Client: It's From the Sky. | Details: Music video cohering with artists' music and visions. | Role: Creative lead, direct, videography, edit, composit, and export. | Output: World Wide Web / social platforms and cablecast.



Full stack plus design.

Website redesign. Responsive layouts. App UI design.

But not limited to:
Project manangement, wireframing, architecturing, visual design, email design, UI strategy, eCommerce, WordPress, front- & back-end development, testing, deploying, maintenance, server communication & handling, social media & email marketing, and Flash animation & interactivity.



Client: penna.gram Sktbrds | Details: Responsive website matching skateboard company's branding. | Role: Design, develop, and maintainence. | Output: World Wide Web

penna.gram Website



Client: Dirty Little | Details: Mobile app that converts images into 8-bit art. | Role: Design & develop. | Output: Mobile devices

App Design and Development

Client: V-CREST | Details: Responsive website for a veterinarian rehabilitation facility. | Role: Design & develop. | Output: World Wide Web

V-CREST Web Design and Development


From print to pixel.

Logo creation. Branding. Manuals, leflets, brochures, oh my.

But not limited to:
Project management, typography, illustration (vector & raster), color strategy, book/jacket & page layout, packaging, posters, catalogs, photography, app UI design, game design, motion graphics, audio engineering, podcasts, web development, social media & email marketing, video production, DVD design/duplication, apparel print design, and skateboard graphics.



Branding / Logo Design

Client: Sophianna's Ice Creams | Details: Brand and logo design for identity, stationary, and promotional initiatives. | Role: Conceptualization and design. | Output: Digital display, as well as, small- and large-scale print.

Logo Design


Skateboard Graphic

Client: penna.gram Sktbrds | Details: 4-color, screen print ready skateboard graphic. | Role: Conception, vector illustration, separation, and exporting/packaging. | Output: Skateboard deck bottom graphic...for shredding.

penna.gram 3D Glasses


CD Packaging

Client: Hang-Up to Flat | Details: Layout design for musicians' CD + packaging. | Role: Conception, layout, and exporting/packaging. | Output: Digital print onto CD and 2-sided eco-wallet packaging.

HU2F CD Packaging




one.too illustration and cartooning

Free-hand and technical.

Freehand. Narrative sequences. Character creation & design. Book illustration.

But not limited to:
Background layout, storyboarding, posters, book/jacket & page layout, inker, colorist, adapting to varying styles, and watercolor/acrylic/oil/gauche, etc.



Festival Posters & Apparel

Client: Town of Somerville, MA | Details: Posters and t-shirts for Marshmallow Fluff's annual festival in its hometown. | Role: Conception, hand and vector illustration, separation, exporting/packaging. | Output: Social media platforms, digital print on 110 lb. matte stock, and screen printed poly-blend t-shirts.

What the Fluff?


Comic Strip

Client: The Spirit of the Riverwards (current/ongoing) | Details: Monthly, daily-sized, full-color comic strip. | Role: Corny joke conception, hand illustration, composit, and exporting/readying. | Output: Social media platforms, and digital print on newspaper stock.

Little Fish 026



Book Illustration

Client: Independent Author | Details: Imagery that matches subject matter and author's vision. | Role: Hand and vector illustration, composit, exporting/packaging. | Output: Digital print on 40 lb. matte stock.

Steph Michelle