Regatta69 Tour Documentary, Vol. I: Extravaganza – Episode 001

Written by onetoo

Starting off in NC, then to WV, then back to NC, then to NY, and hitting OH.
Back in 2002, I went on the road and documented a touring band, and the whole time I was traveling with them, I would find myself asking myself…
Why would a 7-piece ska band devote 2 months of their time to tour across the US, crammed in a 1958 charter bus with a monkey-punk band from S. Africa, then jump from country to country in Europe; meeting incredible people, and seeing incredible places all-the-while going through 4 different drummers?

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  1. Ampie OmO says:

    Awesome! Great edit. Bit slow on the uptake here in Africa but I finally watched these.

    Could you maybe add Boo! as a tag, it’ll probably get you some views. Chris recently reformed Boo! as a 2 piece w a new drummer so there’s more than likely a few South African searching Boo!.

    Thank you for the great memories!

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