Upper Allen – Comics

Written by onetoo

A b/w, narrative, multi-panel comic about some kids, their hubaloos, and tom-foolery. The complete story is divided up in 25 episodes and all set within 24 hours.

Influenced by a development in the home-town I grew up in, Upper Allen is set in a ’90’s pop-up development. It was printed within a 5×7 rectangle within the monthly publicated, NC circulated, ‘Raleigh Hatchet’ (January ’04 to December ’06). There’s Shelly (19) who’s the motherly-type; tough gal Kell (21), her girlfriend; a tomboy named, wittlily, Tommie (11) and her older rippin’ (that’s skateboard talk folks) brother, Tanner (15). Also, there’s TX (20), a lead singer in a post-hardcore band; his depressed & fat little brother Taco (15); Tourette’s-diagnosed Leslie (13), who supplies the neighborhood with her potpourri of medications, and boy-genius Frank (14) and his robo…er… baby brother, L’i’l Joe Cosmo (3). Oh, yeah, and then there’s some creepy kid who hides behind an umbrella who calls himself Liebstod (17) who never speaks, and when he does, it’s in riddles and rhymes. This nifty comic is chock full of the stuff that you get into during the trials and tribulations of being a kid…in a society that doesn’t want you to be a kid anymore. Can I get a witness?

Episode001Web Episode002Web Episode003Web Episode004Web Episode005Web Episode006Web Episode007Web Episode008Web Episode009Web Episode010Web Episode011Web Episode012Web Episode013Web Episode014Web Episode015Web Episode016Web Episode017Web Episode018Web Episode019Web Episode020Web Episode021Web Episode022Web Episode023Web Episode024Web Episode025Web

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